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Speaking of Science was a public event that I founded in the fall of 2017 to bring together scientists and journalists. These meetings provide a snapshot of a different mode of science communication. Guests include journalists from Science Friday, Scientific American, and NOVA. 

In 2016, I started moonlighting as a historical correspondent for Princeton University’s radio program and podcast, These Vibes are Too Cosmic. Every month, I talk to hosts Stevie Bergman and Brian Kraus about the history of science. I hope that my short, ten minute book reviews can bring scholarly work to the public’s attention. A few of the books that I've reviewed are pictured to the right, along with links to their corresponding episodes.


Currently , I've appeared on more than 20 episodes of Vibes. Click on the green box to listen to a sample program.

Listen to full episodes at These are Too Cosmic.

Radio Reviews

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5/9/17, Brian and Ingrid talk about Bill Nye: Science Guy, a new documentary.

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